BlueSolar technology can serve different markets:


- Energy Storage: the integrated thermal battery can reach a cost between 120-180 $/kWh, bankable for 30+ years, which is extremely competitive with current and future projection of the cost of electrical batteries.


- Desalination: thermal desalination technologies are not as efficient as reverse osmosis technologies. This means that the thermal energy must be produced very economically to compete with osmosis technologies. Due to the extreme low cost heat produced, BlueSolar technology can provide such heat at an extremely attractive price for thermal desalination technologies.


- Industrial Process Heat: industries need low cost electricity and/or heat coming from energy sources that are environmentally friendly, which is exactly the kind of product that BlueSolar Technology is able to offer. BlueSolar can generate steam up to 500 ºC  with a LCOH of around 10 $/MWh-th.


- Integration with Hydrogen: BlueSolar can be integrated with high Temperature SOEC electrolyzers for a much more efficient Hydrogen generation


- Other uses such as agriculture and urban cooling or heating: BlueSolar technology is a modular system that, if no turbine is needed, can supply heat at relatively low scale. This opens markets that do not necessarily mean big power plants.