BlueSolar Technology offers a viable technology to effectively supply the energy demand, both thermal and electrical,  of several industrial sectors with the added value of storage, offering the possibility to adapt the generation profile with the real demand. In addition, since the  cogeneration of heat is very economical,  it increases the competitiveness of the industries due to such low cost energy generation.

The opportunity for Industrial Process Heat

Intermittent energy sources such as PV or wind have generation profiles that can significantly differ from the load profile needed from utilities or end customers. If these sources are to become an important fraction of the energy mix, energy storage plays a pivotal role to adapt such energy generation with the real demand.

Current electrical batteries are expensive and do not last the required lifetime of these projects (> 20 years). BlueSolar technology integrates a thermal battery on a PV plant, offering a much more economical and reliable technology to store the energy that PV panels do not use efficiently.

The opportunity for energy storage.