BlueSolar Technology has several applications:


Energy Storage

The integrated thermal battery can reach a Levelized Cost of Storage of around 70 $ per MWh , which is extremely competitive with current and future projection of the cost of electrical batteries. 


Retrofitting Standard PV Plants

BlueSolar can combine and retrofit with standard PV plants and upgrade their production profiles to more than 6.000 hours, making the hybridization a true baseload approach.


Industrial Process Heat

BlueSolar can cogenerate steam up to 500 ºC  with a LCOH of around 10 $/MWh-th and electricity with a LCOE around 30 $/MWh. The cogeneration nature of BlueSolar technology allows for a simultaneous and low cost production of electricity and heat.


Integration with Hydrogen

BlueSolar can be integrated with high Temperature SOEC electrolyzers for a much more efficient Hydrogen generation