January 2023

BlueSolar receives Seal of Excellence from European Union and got financing from CDTI to build up a pilot plant for full bankability of the technology. We are starting to execute the construction of our first real scale demonstrator!

November 2020

Bluesolar receives award from CDTI under Misiones Program for the project Transfer, focused on next gen PV-CSP systems and their integration with Hydrogen generation.

December 2018

Capsun technologies has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N 855757 to make a comprehensive business plan for BlueSolar Technology.

December 2018

Capsun Technologies was selected and participates in SolarBlue Project (ITC-20181074), financed by CDTI under 2018 Interconnecta Program, to continue the development of BlueSolar Technology and make and advanced demonstrator in Plataforma Solar de Almeria.